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Why Hotel Heghnar   

Mountainous Karabakh/ Stepanakert

Hotel Heghnar is distinguished by its detached privacy, cultivated orchard and wonderful flowerbeds of rare rose sorts. The garden though plays not only decorative role but harbors trees of Karabakh mulberry, persimmon, dog-cherry, walnuts, apples, grapes, blackberry, briar and hawthorn for the guest to pick and enjoy right there!

In the middle of the garden there is a summer patio-café. In fine weather the guests may enjoy breakfast there or just under the garden trees.

For those who seek quiet privacy and solitude await snug benches put amongst the creamy flowers in shady garden nooks.

Our claim is naturalness and it permeates everything here including the building materials used in the construction of our hotel and also the food products cooked for our guests in the hotel kitchen.
Even the washing dries up in a natural way under the warm sun rays.

The rustling trees, the birds' chirping in the garden, the roses’ fragrance in the air and fairy-tale settings make it possible to shed off everyday troubles and get real rest.

Those who like to feel home anywhere would just love the opportunity to communicate with the hotel owners who run it living at the place and are always ready to share stories about their Artsakh country creating the atmosphere of a genuine Karabakh family.

All that plus being situated so near the city center make Hotel Heghnar second to none attraction for tourists visiting Karabakh.

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